Wine Warmer

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As the weather starts to get colder and we start to think about Halloween, Bonfire Night, and even Christmas, we all love a mug of mulled wine to warm up our chilled bones. If you’re running a festive market stall, a pub, or a restaurant or simply throwing a big party, it makes sense to invest in a quality wine warmer. Our wine warmers offer the perfect solution for keeping your mulled wine and other winter punches at just the right temperature, saving you space on your stove and allowing you to focus your attention on other things.

‘Tis the season for something warm and spicy

Whether you have a high turnover, cater for large groups or are selling hot food outdoors, a wine warmer allows you to keep a generous quantity of mulled wine piping hot and ready to be served, without boiling the wine or scorching the spices. This is an ideal addition to your catering equipment if you are serving several hot dishes and don’t want the hassle of a saucepan of mulled wine taking up a ring on your hob. Like all our catering and craft supplies, our wine warmers boast professional quality from top-range manufacturers.

The easy-to-use spout lets you serve mug after mug of hot mulled wine quickly, even if you’re wearing thick winter gloves! These professional-quality urns are ideal for many other hot alcoholic drinks and punches: spiced apple cider, hot citrus punch, perhaps even a Swedish Glöggi. With this low-stress appliance, outdoor caterers can offer a delicious and comforting beverage to accompany all the best-loved winter snacks, from waffles to mince pies. You can even add an innovative lid to the wine warmer which holds your mugs and keeps them warm, ready to be filled. Combined with a hot chocolate dispenser and perhaps a tea urn, you’ll have a hot drinks menu with something for everyone.

Professional high-capacity wine warmers

Our smallest mulled wine warmer holds 25 litres, while our larger model holds 30 litres, for caterers with a large volume of customers. Each wine warmer is made with quality materials and stainless steel for easy cleaning and high hygiene standards. These wine warmers optimise the flavour of the beverage with automatic temperature controls keeping the liquid at a steady temperature, from 30 to 100 degrees Celsius. When empty, these urns are light and transportable, and are therefore perfect for parties, markets and mobile caterers, while the heat-safe plastic handles mean you can handle the urn even while hot.

If you are serving cold drinks too, a drinks fountain is a compact way to chill and serve cold drinks alongside your hot drink selection; and we also have a comprehensive range of heating equipment and professional fridges for those who are running a large kitchen. A wine warmer is a must-have for anyone running a market stall or festive event as the nights get longer. Alongside a tasty bowl of chili fresh from a hot soup pot and a slice of apple strudel served steaming from the chafing dish, a mug of mulled wine is a real winter essential.