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If there’s one thing you can guarantee at events, conferences and buffets, it’s that caffeine will be high on your customers’ list of priorities. Whether you’re dishing out steaming mugs of English Breakfast Tea or cup after cup of ‘pick-me-up’ coffee, when it comes to perking up the masses, it’s best to be prepared with a hot water dispenser fit for a small nation! Our dispenser range from Royal Catering and Bartscher has many solutions to prepare, display and serve your hot drinks at the perfect temperature.

Boiling Point

A professional hot water dispenser can take the time and stress out of serving large numbers of guests, even throughout long events such as conferences and festivals. For bars, restaurants and cafes, it’s the ideal way to cut down on the fiddly process of preparing teas and coffees after meals. For event centres and hotels, it’s the ideal addition to your catering equipment when hosting breakfast buffets and conferences, with the added option of self-service: Simply display your hot water dispenser along with a selection of teas, and allow your guests to choose for themselves. It’s also a great way to keep the crowds warm at festivals and markets with mulled wine and hot apple cider. Finally for offices and even home-use, a hot water dispenser is a great way treat your employees and guests at their leisure. Available in a range of sizes, from 10 to 40 litres, our hot water dispensers are efficiently designed (powered with either 1000 or 1200W) to keep your hot drinks at the perfect serving temperature over long periods of time. As with most of our professional craft supplies and industrial equipment range, we choose quality stainless steel when it comes to our hot water dispensers. With its durability, insulation and easy-to-clean surface, stainless steel is our top choice when it comes to both elegance and quality control. Read on to discover our full range of sizes as well as other ingenious catering solutions from the Expondo range.

Don’t land yourself in hot water!

With rapid heating times, a practical water gauge and LED power indicators, our hot water dispenser range is intuitive to use and allows you to manage your catering time more efficiently. Our smallest hot water dispenser is ideal for home use and small conference rooms, with a capacity of 10 litres. Its lightweight materials make it easy to transport and, like all of our dispensers, its sleek, modern design makes it an elegant addition to your home or office. For a medium hot water dispenser, our 30 litre option is ideal. With a maximum temperature of 100 degrees C, you can guarantee that drinks are boiled to perfection, and with an intuitive drip tap and drip collection tray, serving is made safe and easy, and clean-up is a breeze! For large events and busy restaurants, our largest hot water dispenser is ideal. Serving up to 40 litres of hot drinks, you can prepare up to 223 cups without worrying about refilling or temperature loss. You’ll find many other great catering solutions in our full range of heating devices and market equipment, from hot chocolate dispensers to a range of hot food displays for keeping hot dishes fresh and tasty. The perfect partner for your hot water dispenser can be found in our range of cup warmers to minimise temperature loss and bring out the best flavour in your hot drinks. And for the ultimate time-saver at breakfast buffets, our catering toasters allow you to make up to 720 golden slices per hour! Come breakfast, lunch or dinner, remember that catering is not the time to land in hot water!

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