Hot Chocolate Dispenser

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Is there a time of day for a delicious mug of hot chocolate? Our answer is ‘any time’! Paired with a flaky croissant, a hot chocolate can be a wonderful breakfast to start the day. It’s a fantastic caffeine-free option for kids as well as a great pick-me-up for grown-ups on a cold winter’s afternoon. A hot chocolate also doubles up as a delicious hearty dessert as well as the perfect night-cap before bed. Whatever time your customers come calling, with an insulated hot chocolate dispenser from the chocolate lovers at Royal Catering, you’ll be ready to serve up a sweet and steaming mug of joy, every time.

Choose a hot chocolate dispenser for a delicious, hearty pick-me-up!

  • Great machines for every occasion
  • Various sizes on offer
  • Choose from a variety of power options
  • Versatile accessories

At Expondo, we believe that no kitchen is too big or too small to cater for your guests needs. It’s all about finding the right catering equipment that works for you. Whether you’re running a sprawling catering operation or manning a small market kiosk, our hot chocolate dispenser range has something to keep your guests warm and cosy, with an added sugar rush. Our range of hot chocolate dispensers are suitable for cafés, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and even private kitchens. Each hot chocolate dispenser is designed to efficiently heat hot drinks, and to maintain high temperatures throughout service. For this reason, they help to save you time in the kitchen – simply prepare large batches in advance, and serve as necessary. Hot chocolate dispensers are also an elegant self-service solution, especially for hotel buffets or catering at events. Our cheapest hot chocolate dispenser unit has a capacity of three litres, and is ideal for compact serving spaces. If you like to offer your guests different choices (milk, dark and white chocolate, or even chilli), then investing in several smaller units is a great way to go. Our largest hot chocolate dispenser with ten litre capacity is the best solution when serving the masses. Take time and stress out of busy breakfast services and catering events. Thanks to a power options of 1000 or 1200W, your hot chocolate machines will reach temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius – not too hot, and definitely not too cold! Each hot chocolate serving machine is designed with sturdy, light-weight, and easy-to-clean materials. And with a drip pan and perforated lid for the steam to escape, clean-up couldn’t be easier. All hot chocolate dispensers features a mixer to make sure chocolate and milk mix perfectly and constantly, to ensure a perfect consistency. Some units even include a measuring cup or a cleaning brush as standard.

It’s a chocolate affair!

  • Complement your various catering equipment
  • Dazzle your guests with many beverages
  • Great for bars or at home
  • Large storage

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