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No matter what time of year, everyone likes to treat themselves to a hot chocolate once in a while. The best hot chocolate is smooth, rich and served piping hot; which is why a hot chocolate dispenser is so useful if you are looking to add this beloved hot beverage to your menu. Banish lumps and skin from your chocolatey blend and keep it warm effortlessly with one of the most useful gadgets in our beverage dispenser catalogue.


A hot chocolate dispenser mixes, heats and serves all in one

  • Keep the mixture free from sticking and lumping
  • Have perfect hot chocolate right at hand
  • Perfect hot chocolate units fit for the occasion
  • Stylish and sleek design

For a truly delicious hot chocolate, it is essential to keep the mixture moving constantly. This prevents the chocolate or cacao from settling at the bottom of the vessel or forming lumps, and also ensures that the milk does not form an unsightly skin on its surface. This handy piece of catering equipment has a built-in mixing paddle which rotates smoothly and consistently during operation to ensure that your hot chocolate mix is always perfect and ready to serve.

With just a press on the dispensing lever, the machine cleanly pours fresh hot chocolate straight into your chosen vessel, whether a pre-warmed cup or a to-go container. These quality devices from trusted manufacturers Royal Catering are ideal for a café, restaurant or Christmas market stall – and with a compact shape and small countertop footprint, they’ll fit in even the smallest kitchens. If you run a food truck or breakfast eatery, a hot chocolate dispenser could be a great addition to your equipment. These appliances are also great for any professional catering operation for large groups, such as hotel buffets, conferences, or even private events! Our hot chocolate dispensers look so sleek and elegant, they are suited for display on any serving counter or drinks trolley.

Rich, creamy, and impossible to resist

  • Ensure your perfect hot chocolate temperature
  • Light-weight and easy to transport
  • Various sizes to suit your needs
  • Fit the bill whatever the weather

A serving of real hot chocolate from a professional hot chocolate maker beats a weak cup of instant cocoa any day! Our hot chocolate dispensers heat the chocolate up to your preferred temperature, as high as 90˚C, and the expertly designed mixing paddle ensures that all the liquid is thoroughly stirred and blended consistently throughout operation. Just like our professional-quality power tools, each hot chocolate dispenser is reliable and high-powered, helping you run your catering operation efficiently even in rush hour. The steam-release vents in the lid allow steam to escape the container, making sure there is no build-up of water inside the beverage chamber. And with a lightweight construction, hot chocolate machines are well suited as part of any mobile catering operation where the appliances need to be portable – while still being as tough and practical as all our industrial appliances.

These hot chocolate units come in a range of sizes, offering different capacities depending on how much you anticipate needing to sell in one batch. The smallest hot chocolate machine, with a modest capacity of 3 litres, would be great for any food truck or snack stand, while our largest dispenser features a generous 10-litre container and comes equipped with a specially-suited cleaning brush. They are a must-have for anyone who wants to offer a full range of hot drinks and is looking to equip themselves with reliable professional drinks dispensers. We pride ourselves on offering a wide catalogue of equipment for hot and cold beverages, all of which works well together or separately as part of a professional or private kitchen. If you wish to serve hot food or even mugs of soup alongside your hot beverages, our heating appliance catalogue is essential for serving any hot snacks or meals – and for those sweltering summer days, you might even wish to invest in a milkshake maker, for a chocolate milkshake just as tasty as your hot chocolate!