Lift Table

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For professionals in motorcycle craft, repair and maintenance, motorbike dealers and collectors, and road-sports experts, having the equipment to repair your vehicle on site is invaluable. A compact and sturdy lift table with the capacity to withstand the heavy loads of bikes, scooters, motorbikes and other small vehicles, is a great investment for your craft supplies. Available in a variety of sizes and bearings, our selection of lifts is ideal to give you easy access to areas under the motorcycle during maintenance, repairs and bodyworks.

A professional lift table keeps bikes and motorbikes at a comfortable height during maintenance

Our professional lift table models, from the garage experts at MSW Motors, are the ideal solution for anyone in the automobile trade, from repairs to buying and selling, to keep bikes and motorcycles at a comfortable height while you work. Adjustable to your desired height, a lift table gives you the time and comfort to carry out every repair and upgrade with ease, as well as providing a clear and accessible platform for training and demonstrations. Despite a wide choice of sizes and maximum lifting capacity in the Expondo range, each lift table in our range of lifting equipment is compact and easy to contract, helping you make the most of your garage space. For safety, each lift table is fitted with an easy-to-use locking mechanism, and tensioning straps to fasten the motorcycle wheels. The four feet of the sturdy steel construction ensures that your lift table maintains a secure position while you work, and with ergonomic foot pedal for lifting, you can keep your hands free to carry out other maintenance tasks. Our cheapest mobile lift table is the MSW-MHB-135. The compact scissor lift stage with a load capacity of up to 135 kg and a maximum height of 87 cm is particularly suitable for lifting and supporting lighter cycles such as motocross bikes and scooters. Our most professional motorcycle lift is MSW-MHB-450-780.3 motorcycle lift from MSW Motor Technics. With a load capacity of 450 kg, it can easily withstand the load of even the heftiest Harley Davidson (currently weighing in at a whopping 439kg!). Simply, load your vehicle using the convenient removable ramp. This expert lift table can even be used with four-wheeled motorbikes, as well as those featuring side rails!

Give your maintenance and repairs work a lift!

In our selection of garage equipment, you’ll find all kinds of convenient solutions to kit out your workshop or maintenance facility, from our lift table and engine stands units, to garage doors and off-road winches. Our transmission jacks have a capacity of 500 and 1000kg, and are ideal for auto-repairs both in the garage and out on a service call. They are also a great lifting solution for other mechanical and agricultural professionals, to raise heavy items such as gearboxes and engines to an optimal height, safely and efficiently. With their low centre of gravity, our transmission jacks offer you the highest stability, even during lengthy repairs. In our lifting equipment range, you’ll also find our professional engine stand with a capacity of 900hg, ideal to safely secure car, truck and motorbike engines. Your engine is mounted safely, supported by six sturdy wheeled legs. The mounting plate can be rotated entirely and locked securely into position to suit the task at hand. To add to your lifting needs, we also feature a selection of professional lifting magnets, ranging from capacities of 100 to 3000kg. Securely lift any ferromagnetic in a variety of sizes and shapes with ease. The strong, magnetic force offers you a time-saving way to lift and release heavy items without having to set up chains and hooks, and without the need for electricity. Before you go, don’t forget we also stock a wide range of catering equipment and industrial supplies, to suit your business needs!