Electric Fryer with Shelf - 2 x 17 Litres

Item number: EX18000277 / Model: RCEF-SET2

Electric Fryer with Shelf - 2 x 17 Litres
Electric Fryer with Shelf - 2 x 17 Litres
Electric Fryer with Shelf - 2 x 17 Litres

Electric Fryer with Shelf - 2 x 17 Litres

  • Item number: EX18000277
  • Model: RCEF-SET2
  • In the product range since: 2018

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  • The electric fryer fits perfectly unto the shelf with the dimensions 62 x 42 cm
  • Large, elongated baskets with a capacity of 2 x 17 litres
  • 2 high-powered heating elements with 3.000 watts each
  • Better taste and fresh oil with a cold zone
  • Thermostat keeps the temperature steady, energy-saver

Key facts

Electric Fryer with Shelf - 2 x 17 Litres

The electric double fryer RCEF 15D by Royal Catering is equipped with a precisely fitting, large shelf, which brings it to a comfortable working height. This allows you to prepare the food you want to offer in your hotel restaurant, bistro, or at festivals or market places comfortably, right from the start.

The elongated double electric fryer, for large fish and French fries


The fryer holds an oil volume of up to 2 x 11 litres and has a total capacity of 2 x 17 litres. In professional use, it is versatile and perfect for preparing fish, snacks or French fries. Due to its elongated shape you can even fry whole fish in it.


Due to the high performance of the two separate and removable 3.000 watts heating elements, the oil in the deep fryer quickly reaches the maximum temperature of 200 °C. When the heating head is removed, a fuse automatically shuts off the device, protecting you from accidents. Both frying baskets can be used independently from each other, so you can fry different kinds of food, like fish and chips, at the same time.


The frying baskets of the electric fryer measure each 29 x 21 x 14 cm and have heat-insulating handles. Leftover food that falls out of the baskets or sinks down through cooling collects in the cold zone at the bottom and does not burn. The oil retains its natural taste.


The modern design of the casing is made of durable stainless steel, which is very resistant and due to its hygienic properties is perfectly suited for food preparation. The smooth surfaces and the removable heating element makes the fryer very easy to clean. You can use the drain device to drain the oil quickly and easily.


For an optimum cooking result, the highly sensitive thermostat regulates the heat of the oil basin at a constant temperature. This happens in the shortest amount of time and with a minimum consumption of energy. The lid also helps to keep the heat at a constant level and protects against splashes when frying. The rubber feet of the device provide a secure stand and protect against scratches.

Plenty of space and stability for your deep fryer is provided by the shelf from Royal Catering


Due to its large storage area of ​​62 x 42 cm, the shelf provides ample space for your double fryer, but can also serve as a place for waffle irons, meat grinders or dishes. For additional storage, there is another shelf in the lower area where you can place your kitchen utensils.


With its particularly high carrying capacity of up to 150 kg, the shelf carries even heavy kitchen appliances, such as fat fryers, and can therefore be used with many different kitchen devices. The shelf is made from high-quality stainless steel for a very high durability and longevity. Stainless steel is the ideal material for a professional handling of food.


The stainless steel shelf for deep fat fryers has height-adjustable feet, which allow for the height of the table to be adapted to individual needs and uneven floors. The simple construction of the shelf also guarantees a quick assembly and disassembly of the table with a few simple steps.


Due to its extremely sturdy construction and massive feet, the shelf for deep fat fryers offers a high level of safety. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel processing, the table is particularly easy to clean.

Item number
Electric fryer BCEF 15D
2 x 3.000 W
Number of baskets
Dimensions, basket(LxWxH)
29 x 21 x 14 cm
Heating temperature
60 - 200 °C
Max. amount of oil
2 x 11 l
Max. capacity
2 x 17 l
Material, casing
Stainless steel
Material, handles
Plastic material
Max capacity, per basket
3 kg
Frying time for 750 g
6 min
Frying time for 1,000 g
8 min
Shelf RCSF-15D
Stainless steel
Max capacity
150 kg
Number of shelves
Dimensions, upper shelves
62 x 42 cm
Height, upper shelves
65.1 cm
Dimensions, lower shelves
53.8 x 28.7 cm
Height, lower shelves
23.7 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
59.5 x 51 x 33 cm
12.8 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
65 x 58 x 37 cm
Shipping weight
14.7 kg
  • Electric deep fryer BCEF 15D
  • Basket with handle
  • Lid
  • Drain tap
  • Shelf for deep fat fryer RCSF-15D
  • Instruction manual

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