Ice Crushers

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Crushed ice is one of the most versatile ingredients out there. From zingy daquiris to slushies, granitas to olives on ice, both sweet and savoury delicacies can be taken to the next level with a frosty scoop of crushed ice. This versatile substance has so many uses, making it a great addition to any professional catering set-up, grocers, event space – or even a home bar! Our range of ice crushers offers professional quality at all levels.

Crushed ice makes food and drink pop

This particular ice preparation clings to flavours because of the small and jagged particles, which means that it mingles with syrups or cocktail mixes much more harmoniously than ice cubes. Due to the high surface area of crushed ice, it is also able to cool things extremely quickly, so it works fantastically in chilled soups or champagne buckets where you want a quick, efficient chill. But you don’t just have to use plain ice; these ice crushers are designed with industry-level appliance engineering, and can be used with other frozen liquids to make various crunchy frozen treats, such as granita or frozen coffee.

Crushed ice is also ideal for fishmongers and other market sellers with perishable goods, as you can fill your display case with crushed ice and nestle the items in the ice for optimal display and freshness. But, of course, the obvious place for any ice crusher is alongside a cold drinks fountain, providing perfect cold refreshments to parched throats on hot days or tempting moviegoers in a local cinema. Rather than using a hand-crank mechanism like some ice crushers, these models spare you the effort and the wrist pains with a fully automated motor that can process many kilos of ice per hour. Alongside a professional ice cube maker, you’re set for summer! Furthermore, our small ice cube crusher lends itself well to home kitchens – if you’re a mixologist, start making cocktails like the pros with an ice crusher used by the pros.

Ice crushers for small or large quantities

From our smallest model, which produces 15kg of crushed ice per hour, to our largest ice crusher, capable of producing up to 60kg of ice per hour, these appliances cater for every size of kitchen or catering operation. Thanks to their compact size and lightweight build, they’re easy to move and fit neatly on any counter, making them a great option for mobile caterers such as food trucks or wedding caterers. But that doesn’t mean these machines are flimsy; built to the same high, industry-quality standards of our power tools and other electrical products, our ice crushers can withstand heavy use and crush ice quickly and efficiently thanks to their high-power (60-80W) performance. The 4 suction cup feet add stability to the device, and further ensure that it is quiet during use, so your guests or customers won’t be disturbed by any loud noises. And each machine is also designed to be easy to clean, aiding your hygiene standards and your workload.

The high-capacity model is perfect for making large quantities of ice and storing it in a commercial freezer if you run a business such as an oyster bar or a fish counter where you use ice by the bucketful. Crushed ice also blends particularly well, so for a smoothie stand or a milkshake station it’s a worthwhile investment. And don’t worry if the weather isn’t looking so warm; your ice crusher can be easily stowed away in a cabinet until the next summer when you’re ready to retire your hot coffee dispenser!