Pizza Ovens

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With Pizza ovens from Royal Catering’s commercial cooking equipment, there has never been a better time to conjure up and treat your customers to delicious pizzas. Create and enjoy your own designs with easy to use pizza makers and discover Italian flair in your restaurant, pizzeria or snack bar – let your creativity run wild and complement pasta cookers with great pizza.

Add some spice and flair into your kitchen

• High-quality materials to ensure reliability and durability • Large cooking areas to design your own unique pizzas to your tastes • Individually adjustable shelves and heaters to put you in control • Easy to use temperature settings and mechanisms • Stylish and aesthetically pleasing units to give your kitchen an aesthetic edge • Hygienic and meet rigorous safety standards

No matter when and where you want to create great pizza for your guests – not only are pizza cookers great units to have in your establishment, they can also be used for a long time into the future thanks to the use of high-quality materials – a Royal Catering promise. Stone and stainless steel allows your pizza maker to cook at particularly high temperatures over a long time as emphasis is placed on durability and reliability – in line with ovens from expondo. Despite their compact size, pizza ovens also come equipped with generous cooking areas, allowing you to serve even particularly large pizzas. You can easily set the temperature to suit your desired pizza, whether you plan on serving crispy or cheesy pizzas – or if you simply plan on heating your pizzas up. These adjustable settings put you in control when deciding what kind of pizza you want to serve, as well as the size and shape. Pizza ovens also blend seamlessly into your kitchen environment, yet remain subtly stylish – this is particularly advantageous, as your kitchen will gain an aesthetically pleasing edge. A pizza oven also ensures optimal hygienic standards in your workplace as they pass particularly strict hygiene rules, as is the case with expondo’s professional tools and industrial equipment.

Add Italian flair to various events and occasions with a pizza oven

• Serve customers great pizzas alongside many other tasty treats • Create a variety of styles at a range of events • Complement your catering needs and round off your kitchen equipment • Treat family and friends at private events • See a return on investment in no time

Whilst you dazzle your customers with fantastic pizzas, you can serve slow-cooked food with low temperature ovens as well as more sweet treats, such as chocolatey snacks with chocolate fountains. This makes your pizza oven a great tool to have at snack bars and a large variety of events, such as funfairs and sporting events. Serve authentic and unique pizzas to your own recipes alongside popcorn from high-quality popcorn machines to serve a well-rounded snack selection for your customers. Not only can a pizza device be used in a professional environment - it can also be used for parties with family and friends as it caters well for serving a large amount of pizza for many guests. Treat your party-guests to home creations and create a vast range of unique and distinctive pizza flavours with ease – from simple margheritas to spicy chilli sausage variants and put a smile on your family and friends’ faces. As a fast heating up time and considerable ease of use is ensured, these units allow you to create more pizzas with greater efficiency, less time and ultimately less money. Thanks to a compact design yet generously sized ovens, you will no doubt have enough supply for your hungry customers, family and friends. Invest in a great pizza unit from expondo today as your customers will return to enjoy convenient and optimally cooked pizzas!