Aluminium Welder - 220 A - 230 V - Pulse - 2/4 Tact

Aluminium Welder - 220 A - 230 V - Pulse - 2/4 Tact

Manufacturer: Stamos Power ² | Item number: EX10020125 | Model: S-ALU 220


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Product Highlights

  • 220 A / 230 V
  • 2/4 tact
  • power ventilators


  • professional device for TIG AC/DC or MMA Welding
  • 220 Ampere
  • compact and handy design
  • robust steel case with integrated handle
  • pulse function for better results
  • low weight – mobile use

Aluminium Welder - 220 A - 230 V - Pulse - 2/4 Tact

With the S-TIG 220 Welder by Stamos Power you invest in a professional tool for TIG and MMA Welding. With this powerful welder you have the possibilities to work in the alternating or direct current mode, depending on the metal. With the alternating current (AC) you can process light metals such as aluminium and titan. Direct current (DC) can be used for welding more robust metals such as steel, copper or brass. The pulse function enables precise and clean working especially on light metals because it momentarily increases the power without changing the temperature. Next to TIG welding you can also weld with coated electrodes. The robust and compact inverter design enables mobile application on construction sites and similar workplaces.

S-TIG 220
Item Number
Rated Input Voltage
230 V, 1-Phase
Input Frequency
50/60 Hz
Rated Input Power
23,7 A (TIG)
36,3 A (MMA)
Max. Input Current
30,8 A (TIG)
47,2 A (MMA)
Rated Input Power
5,1 kVA (TIG)
7,8 kVA (MMA)
Max. Input Power
6,6 kVA (WIG)
10,1 kVA (MMA)
Open-Circuit Voltage
59 V
Welding Current TIG-DC
10 - 220 A
Welding Current TIG-AC
10 - 220 A
Welding Current MMA
10 - 220 A
Duty Cycle
60% (TIG)
60% (MMA)
Welding Current at 100% DC TIG
170 A (TIG)
170 A (MMA)
Welding Current at 60% DC TIG
220 A (WIG)
220 A (MMA)
Impulse Power
10 - 220 A
Impulse Frequency (AC-Mode)
0,5 - 5 Hz
Impulse Frequency (DC-Mode)
0,5 - 5 Hz
Current Balance (AC)
20 - 80%
Gas Post-flow Time
1 - 10 s
Power Decline Rate
Electrode Diameter
1 - 3,2 mm (TIG)
1 - 4 mm (MMA)
Ignition TIG
HF – High Frequency
Hot Start
Connection for Foot Pedal
Switch for 2-/4-Stroke Mode
Device Cooling
Power Ventilator
Torch Cooling
Welding Thickness
10 mm
Power Factor
Efficiency (under Rated Power)
≥ 0,85
Isolation Class
Protection Class
Measurements (LxWxH)
48 x 24 x 50 cm
18 kg
Shipping Measurements (LxWxH)
66 x 31.5 x 55 cm
Shipping Weight
27.9 kg
Technische Zeichnung
Delivery Package
  • S-ALU 220
  • ground cable with clamp, 3 m
  • electrode holder, 3 m
  • TIG torch, 4 m
  • incl. accessoires (see picture)
  • instruction manual

The welder is equipped with a MOSFET transistor. This technology represents the highest standards of performance combined with compact and lightweight design. The result is 93% efficiency! The welding current is very stable and thus ensures a perfect weld.

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Powerful fans ensure an optimal removal of heat from the unit.


TIG/MIG and MAG welding require a protective gas. Inert gases, such as argon and helium, as well as active gases (for example carbon dioxide) and other mixtures can be used. The solenoid valve regulates the flow of gas. The valve is operated via a button on the torch.

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On the back of every welding machine is a screw with an earthing mark. Before use, earth the unit via a cross-section cable, which must be at least 6 mm².








This unit can also be operated using a foot pedal.


This device works with a 1-phase connection (230 V +/- 10 %).


A non-contact high-frequency ignition in TIG mode ensures a cleaner weld starting point.


Value of the arc ignition output current. This current can be adjusted at will. For precision welding, it is recommended to start with reduced power, weld smoothly and eventually adjust the current accordingly.

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The output current value before the end of the weld. Welding with the final current helps prevent a crater forming at the end of the weld.


The time after the weld is finished in which gas continues to flow from the torch; this cools the burner and protects the weld from oxidation.


This function reduces the heat to the material. It is primarily suitable for welding thin plates. If MIG welding is used, it is perfect for aluminium welding.


The frequency of impulses during pulse mode.


Relation of pulse duration to period duration.


The maximum value of the electric current while in pulse mode.


The current which maintains the arc while in pulse mode.


This is the percentage difference of the time between the positive and negative direction of the current during a welding period. This feature allows control of the width of the welding seam and the depth of penetration.

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This is the percentage difference of the time between the positive and negative direction of the current during a welding period.


Start the weld by placing pressure on the torch button. Stop the process by releasing the button.


By pressing the torch button the solenoid valve opens. allowing the gas to flow in. The gas pre-flow ignites the arc at the pre-set current. Releasing the burner button initiates a rise in the current to that of the pre-set welding current. The welding process stops once you press the burner button again.

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A welding method in which the arc is maintained through an electrical current supplied from a non-consumable electrode. The arc is protected from the access of air by an inert gas.

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Electrode welding with a coated electrode.




Choose between the 2T and 4T mode.


TIG welding is divided into AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) welding.


Used to switch the pulse function on and off.


By using the SHIFT key the welding mode can be selected.


Shows the welding / cutting parameters.


The LED light indicates overheating or a malfunction.

The following accessories can be used with the S-ALU 220 by Stamos Power:

Art. No.
TIG Spare Parts Set - Welding Tips up to 3.2 mm
TIG Spare Parts Set - Welding Tips up to 2.4 mm

The diverse assortment of products from Stamos enable you to cut or join materials efficiently and precisely. Our portfolio ranges from professional soldering stations to top-class welding machines and precise plasma cutters, to the matching accessories. Let us demonstrate to you the functionality, quality and versatility – not to mention the cost-effectiveness – of our professional line. Our videos show our products in action.

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Reviews from Paul (2 Sep 2020)
Reviews from Paul (2 Sep 2020) Very nice welder

Does exactly what it's designed to do. I bought it with the foot pedal, as I know this makes a big difference when using a TIG welder, and I was not disappointed. Welds beautifully on Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. A great price as well.

Reviews from Pedro (7 Aug 2020)
Reviews from Pedro (7 Aug 2020) Máquina com defeito (polos de soldadura trocados)


Reviews from Terje B Andersen (18 Jun 2020)
Reviews from Terje B Andersen (18 Jun 2020) TIG Sveis

Veldig bra produkt til denne prisen ingen ekspert enda men har benyttet både på stål og alu med gode resultater

Reviews from Anonym (22 May 2020)
Reviews from Anonym (22 May 2020) Fin Svejseværk

Svejser rigtig fin og service fra bogholderi er helt i top

Reviews from Gert hadermann (17 Jan 2020)
Reviews from Gert hadermann (17 Jan 2020) Fantastisch

Perfect afgewerkt en enorm degelijk apparaat. Enkel nog maar met beklede electrode’s gelast en ging 10 maal beter dan met oude rakker. Volgens bevriende professionele lassers een te gek toestel voor zijn prijs. 3 jaar garantie en niet opsturen naar China heeft mij over de streep getrokken.

Reviews from Amazon Customer (2 Dec 2019)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (2 Dec 2019) Bon produit

plusieurs années d utilisation j aurais pensé que ce type de produit ne durerai pas alu épais et inox RAS

Reviews from Amazon Customer (11 Oct 2019)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (11 Oct 2019) Saldatura tig alluminio

Buonasera .. avrei intenzione di acquistare questa saldatrice chiedo indicazioni se è adatta alla saldatura in modalità TIG della lamiera di alluminio .. fino a che spessore ??. Saluti

Reviews from Amazon Customer (8 Apr 2019)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (8 Apr 2019) Preis Leistung super

Das Gerät kam pünktlich in einer superverpackungSchweisstechnisch alles wie beschriebenMan kann es weiterempfehlen

Reviews from Amazon Customer (4 Dec 2017)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (4 Dec 2017) Prodotto SUPER

Eravamo molto titubanti nel fare un acquisto così esoso e senza vedere il prodotto, ma la saldatrice si è rivelata al di sopra delle aspettative. Abbiamo fatto un ottimo affare. Consigliatissima!!!

Reviews from Amazon Customer (28 Mar 2017)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (28 Mar 2017) poste soudure

Pour le moment le poste marche très bien à voir pour la suite mais j'ai confiance au produit je vous dirais cela plus tard.

Reviews from Amazon Customer (16 Jul 2016)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (16 Jul 2016) Strike a light

First off I have to say I was offered a discount for a positive review. Well, after three month of use I will keep this machine but I can't provide the completely positive review asked for, so refused the discount.This welder is very well made, and very competent, but the biggest difficulty is the extremely poor instruction manual and the inflated specs.I have to be clear that I have been a welder for over 40 years, and have TIG welding equipment already. My main kit is just too big to be portable which is why I looked for something more flexible.I chose this welder because of the German heritage, and the blurb from the Stamos site that their products are built to their exacting standards. And to a large extent I can agree on this, but there are enough foibles to pick holes in this 'German quality' history.The welder professes to max out at 220amps, but the mini din connectors are only rated to 200amps. The Euro plug fixed to the main lead is rated at 16 amps, but at the welding voltage of 26 volts this gives a maximum of just 147.6 amps of potential. When you take into account losses in the machine, servos and fans this is lessened more, and then take into account the Euro to UK adapter which can only accept 13 amps input then we are left with just 120amps potential output.I see that for the TIG specs the closed circuit voltage is reduced to imply that there are more amps available, but this is sleight of hand because to get the same 'heat' the welder has to be turned up to compensate. The low volts can lead to more 'arc blow' as well. I used an inline Ammeter to check and found the Amps on the dials and display are rigged to show 20% more than the true figure available. My experience tells me that I have to run this welder at a much higher indicated rate than my other machines to get the same flow and bead.Having said all that I still feel this welder is worth me keeping for the following reasons.1). It is far More versatile than the very poor instruction lead me to believe.2). After all is said and done it does give me portable TIG capacity. I purchased a trolley that would take this welder, and a gas bottle, so now I can work anywhere in the shop.3). The welder can be used DC+ or DC- or AC in stick mode (MMA). This is not in the instructions and I had to find this out by biting my lip and jabbing away with rods at arms length.4). The perverse and esoteric diagram under the knobs can be worked out by a competent London underground traveller, and once worked out can be almost used................. No, not really, I made that one up. The diagram only leads to the same madness that befalls those who try to follow the instruction manual.Against:Unfortunately the display is only hooked to the peak amps knob, so all the other settings and knobs are just 'guesstimates'.Aluminium welding is quite difficult because of the low amps and heat sink effect, and pre-heat is often required. S-ALU 220 = big pinch of salt.Did I mention the poor 'instruction manual'.This same welder can be bought 20% cheaper from the same people if you shop around. When challenged they blamed Amazon for making it very expensive to sell through them.I looked into that and this is the only company I have found that feels Amazon forces them to overcharge. Everything else I have bought through Amazon is competitively priced with every other method of purchase, be it shop, warehouse or other online retailer. So, just be aware you can get a better price.The better prices I have found more properly reflects the true value of this item.

Reviews from Amazon Customer (30 Jun 2016)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (30 Jun 2016) A good piece of kit

A good piece of kit. Welded 10mm alu with it without problems. Very good on stainless and hf better than I have had on other machines. Wouls I buy another? Absolutely would.

Reviews from Amazon Customer (22 Apr 2016)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (22 Apr 2016) poste a souder stamos T I G

je suis chaudronnier et je voulais avoir un poste TIG comme au travail ( dans le 89100 ) , pas déçus de cet achat pour l'instant je vais bientôt essayer en soudage pour l'alumium

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