Commercial Bain Marie

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Keeping hot food at the right serving temperature can be a major challenge when it comes to prep, service, and food display. Temperature-loss not only risks the taste and quality of your dish, and therefore the satisfaction of your customers, but it can also put your restaurant’s health and safety standards under threat. Suitable for all manner of kitchens, professional, private, small-scale, or large, our range of commercial bain marie from trusted brands such as Royal Catering, allows you to prep, display, and serve multiple hot dishes, even over a lengthy dining service.

Set the temperature to perfect!

• Maintain temperature, taste and food-safety • Available in a wide range of sizes • Optional protective glass for display • Light-weight and hardwearing • Easy to clean

Temperature control isn’t a modern phenomenon. In fact, the classic bain marie technique (taken from the French words for Mary’s bath) has been noted in the records of chefs and alchemists for centuries. In modern kitchens, this technique of using near-boiling water to gently heat and maintain the temperature of hot food is a tried and tested practise. Our selection of stainless steel commercial bain marie is suitable for any sized kitchen from small sandwich delis and compact street-food stands, to sprawling hotel buffets. A commercial bain marie is also suitable across a wide range of dishes, from sausages, stews and lasagnes, to steamed veggies, sauces, and other side dishes. So, although your menu changes, your catering equipment doesn’t have to! Our commercial bain marie range can even be installed in home kitchens, ideal for dinner parties and celebrations. Our largest nine-container commercial bain marie is ideal if you’re serving up a selection of hot dishes (in carveries, buffets, and busy lunch spots). When it comes to display, our open units with a robust glass shield, will elegantly display your food, while keeping it hot, and protecting it from potential contaminators. For street-food chefs and event caterers, our free-standing hotpots and stainless steel soup warmers are an excellent option, especially at winter markets. Lightweight and compact, they are ideal for even the smallest cooking operations, and easy to pack away and transport from site to site. As well as being high-powered and lightweight, our range of hardwearing commercial bain marie is made with high-quality materials such as stainless still which is easy to clean and built to last.

Combine ancient and modern techniques

• Easy to transport • Intuitive drainage systems • Cup and plate-warmers for serving • High-quality stainless steel

Whatever the dish, when it comes to temperature control you want to be confident that every purchase meets modern professional standards. Our range of chafing dishes are a great alternative to a traditional commercial bain marie, especially if you are serving food in large batches at events and parties, such as finger foods. Each commercial bain marie in our wide selection of food warmers is fitted with an intuitive water draining system, meaning clean-up time is a breeze. For even more ways to tackle temperature-control in the kitchen, cup warmers and plate warmers in various sizes, are the last line of defence, but equally effective! In our full range of stainless steel furniture, featuring everything from serving trolleys to hygienic wash basins, you’ll find plenty more ingenious kitchen helpers that are lightweight, long-lasting, and resistant to damage and corrosion, giving you years of return on investment for your business. For even more temperature-control solutions, our wide range of heating equipment features sausage warmers, hot food displays, and chocolate fondue fountains. Remember, at Expondo, we’re not only here for your cooking needs. For a range of industries from cosmetics to construction and even metal craft, keep an eye on our range of industrial supplies and hardwearing professional tools.