Hot Dog Warmer

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At Expondo, we’re always debating over our favourite fast food snacks. It’s certainly a tough choice, but the world-favourite hotdog is always a strong contender. Of course, it all comes down to how it’s cooked. Serving your hotdogs thoroughly cooked and piping hot is rule number one. With our wide range of hotdog equipment, we’ve got your covered for all your hotdog needs, from cooking and displaying to serving. Using efficient hot air circulation, a hotdog warmer keeps each tasty dog at the perfect serving temperature, so your guests will only have to worry about choosing their favourite topping.

A hotdog warmer serves every hotdog at the perfect temperature

At Expondo, we’re no stranger to the occasional take-away, from burgers and sticky chicken wings, to classic fish and chips. But in a modern kitchen, there’s no end to the creative spin you can put on a classic favourite. Across the world, hotdog menus are becoming more elaborate, with toppings including spicy jalapenos, chilli-con carne and blue cheese sauce, as well as the classic combination of mustard and ketchup. From grill-houses and gastro pubs, to food stalls and sporting event caterers, the hotdog remains a popular order. With a hotdog warmer, you can keep large batches of hotdogs and other sausages up to temperature throughout service time. For caterer and hotel-buffets, this can take a massive strain out of your next breakfast run! In our hotdog warmer selection, you can choose from three high-performance models. Across the board, our hotdog warmers offer an efficient alternative to other heating options, giving you an even dispersal of heat without any loss of taste. Our best value hotdog warmer from Bartscher has a stainless-steel heating chamber, adaptable between 30 to 80 degrees C, for heating dozens of hotdogs at once. Even when the orders get busy, your hotdogs will be served crisp, fresh and packed with flavour. Our expert hotdog warmer features two heating chambers with separate heating controls, allowing you to juggle separate batches at once. Don’t forget that our Bartscher hotdog warmers can also double up as sous-vide cookers – opening your kitchen up to a wide range of slow-cooked dishes. The last in our hotdog warmer range is the high-powered, ten-litre unit from the food gadget gurus at Royal Catering. Each hotdog warmer in our catering range is designed using hardwearing stainless-steel – a renowned favourite in the Expondo range. This scratch-resistant material is lightweight, highly-insulated, and easy to clean, giving you years of efficient use.

Serve them hot, every time!

The math is simple – a well-run kitchen requires efficient catering equipment. Give your staff the best run at the day, by investing in intuitive cooking gear you can depend on. In our full range of hotdog equipment, we also feature roller grills and cylindrical grills to cover all over your hotdog needs. Who said that food on the go can’t be of excellent standard? For all your other street-food and snack-bar needs, take a look in our full range of market supplies. From popcorn and candyfloss machines, to crepe and waffle makers, you’ll find high-powered gadgets for whipping up delectable treats on the go with an added zest of spectacle. To keep hot dishes up to temperature and for serving hot soups and stews in the winter months, look no further than our range of bain marie cookers, perfect for indoor kitchens and market stalls. For butcher-shops, restaurants, and fast-food outlet, our range of stainless steel hamburger presses help you to add a home-made element to your menu. Freshly press your own original mince patties, to an even, uniform size. All that’s left now is to grill those patties to perfection. As you can see, we’re proud to keep kitchens running efficiently across the world. For all your other business needs, remember to take a look at our wide range of craft supplies and professional industrial equipment.