Contact Grills

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From burgers to kebabs, paninis to tofu – a contact grill brings fantastic flavour and that classic grilled appearance to so many different foods. This is one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets out there, an essential piece of catering equipment in any professional kitchen, home, flatshare or even food truck! Our range of quality grills from trusted manufacturers has the right model for every situation.

100% grilled flavour, 0% fuss

You can use your contact grill for a huge range of recipes: sandwiches, cuts of fresh and cured meats, sliced vegetables, pancakes … or even grill multiple different foods at once on one of our larger models. Every snack seller, fast-food venue, pub, bar and restaurant needs a reliable and high-capacity contact grill; we are proud to meet those top-range quality standards with our grill range just as we do across our range of industrial equipment and home or craft supplies. Our smaller models are ideal for students and keen cooks who want a convenient, simple grilling solution without all the expense and mess of a barbeque.

The high heat of our contact grills provides fast cooking, a fantastic sear and unbeatable colour. If you’re in a hurry, or are catering for a high volume of customers, the contact grill is a great way to quickly cook fresh meals to order or heat up premade food like subs or wraps if you prefer not to keep them in a heated display counter. With different grill plates, you can get just the results you’re looking for – choose smooth plates for even browning, ridged plates for those unmistakeable griddle lines, or a combination of both! The fat collection tray makes this a healthier cooking option, and the clean-up is just as easy as the cooking itself. Thanks to their clean, sleek appearance, these grills pair perfectly with our other appliances – so don’t forget those fries to go with your burger!

A range of contact grills to suit every kitchen

Every contact grill in our collection is made with sturdy materials including a stainless steel case and fine cast-iron plates, making them hygienic and easy to clean with just a brush. The added safety features, such as the anti-burn plastic grips on the lid handles and the heating indicator light, ensure trouble-free grilling for both professionals and home cooks. These contact grills reach the desired level of heat in just 6 minutes – with a power level of 1800 or 2200 Watts in most models and a temperature range of up to 300 degrees Celsius for optimal browning and caramelisation.

A perfect starter grill would be this 1800 Watt model by top manufacturer Royal Catering, featuring a quality build with a small countertop footprint. Gourmands or professional chefs might like to splash out on our expert contact grill by Bartscher, which includes Schott cerane grill plates for even quicker and easier cooking. Most models weigh in at between 12 and 26kg (larger models reach 36kg max), so are easy to transport and install in any kitchen. From fridge to grill to mouth – quickly, easily and without a pileup of pans. This sounds too good to be true, but contact grills are the solution that make it possible. Serve customers, friends or family members with fresh, delicious food that looks so good they’ll want to Instagram it! This is the low-stress appliance which will become a real favourite in your kitchen, whatever’s on the menu.