Lava Rock Grill

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Are you looking for an exciting and tasty way to open up your outdoor dining space? Our range of stainless steel models features three sizes to choose from, including a double-burner option with two separate temperature dials. Whether you’re cooking for an intimate dinner or a whole wedding guest-list, bring the party to the great outdoors with the irresistible scent of grilled meat, fish, veggies and more!

Discover that BBQ taste with a lava rock grill from Bartscher

• Outdoor grilling • Cooking in large batches • Stainless steel • Easy to clean • Range of sizes • Lava rocks included

If you’re cooking at a food market or want to make the most of your al fresco dining space or evening just the family garden, then a lava rock grill is a great investment. Simply add a little deck furniture, some weatherproof garden umbrellas, and you’re almost there! Unlike the rest of our grill range, the lava rock grill is especially designed for outdoor use. Outdoor grilling is an adventurous and nostalgic way to cook for your guests and add a little visual spectacle to your service. And we haven’t even mentioned that irresistible grilled taste and texture that can only be achieved over hot coals. The Bartscher lava rock grill is ideal of outdoor use – that means summer barbeques, community events, picnics, parties and more. It’s a great addition to any holiday home or camping facility. And if you’re running a stall at a street-food market or even a music festival, the lava rock grill is an efficient way to keep the lines moving and your guests satisfied. The lava rock grill is especially good for grilling meats – think burgers, ribs, steaks, wings and sausages with a delicious golden charred finish and a tender even cook within. You can even cook each dish to order – well done, medium, rare? It’s all in your control. The lava rock grill is also great for veggie dishes, kebabs, fish, and even grilled fruits. What’s more, the lava rock grill is especially good for cooking in large batches. With a range of grill sizes to choose from, you can serve the masses at parties, weddings and school events. You can even multitask with our double burner! Not hosting anyone tonight? The lava rock grill is still a great choice for whipping up small dishes in a hurry. The Bartcher lava rock grill is made from stainless steel. That means it’s not only robust and long-lasting but it’s also easy to clean. And when it comes to keeping the temperatures soaring, your lava rock grill comes with your first batch of lava rocks including, with more available to buy separately in our range of cooking devices.

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