Piston Funnel

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When it comes to plating up, sometimes it doesn’t matter how perfectly cooked your dish is. If the presentation isn’t spot on, then it won’t make the first impression it deserves. One thing that demands a little extra precision is adding sauces and coulis to a dish. If you’re fed up with fussing over spoons and jugs, then a piston funnel from the cooking experts at Royal Catering is the way to go. These lightweight funnels allow you complete control over the amount of sauce you want and the placement of each pour. Ideal for decorating cakes, pastries and desserts, they’re especially useful for bakeries and patisseries.

Choose a piston funnel pouring sauces, coulis, and gravy

• For dishing sauces, coulis, frosting • Ideal for decoration • Great for bars • Stainless steel • Lightweight • Reduce mess and waste

A stainless steel piston funnel from our range of catering equipment is the perfect nifty device for adding the finishing touches to every meal. Whether you’re dosing out salad dressing or sour cream, a piston funnel gives you excellent control so you don’t have to worry about oversaturating your carefully prepared food. They work wonders in bakeries and patisseries for carefully decorating cakes and pastries. And of course, a piston funnel is not just for finishing touches. They are also very useful for dishing out batter for churros, cakes, pancakes and more. As well as this, they’re great for dishing out mixture into small moulds and glasses, such as jelly, panna-cotta, melted chocolate and liquors. Speaking of liquors, a piston funnel is also an extremely useful gadget for bars and cocktail enthusiasts, for dishing out that important splash of spirit, juice, or cordial. For a great cocktail combo, why not also check out our range of ice-crushers for making daiquiris, frozen margaritas, and other boozy slushies. With a piston funnel, you’ve not only got great control over the results on the plate, you can significantly reduce mess and food wastage. No more fussing over spoons, ladles and jugs. A piston funnel also saves you time, especially when producing large bathes to dishes. With a variety of interchangeable nozzles of various diameters, you can get the perfect finish every time. The lightweight material makes it great for repeated use. Your piston funnel also comes with its own stand with plastic coated feet, to avoid scratching any surfaces.

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