Water Softener Systems

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Home water softener systems

Water is an essential part of our lives. We need it for drinking, cooking, washing and the operation of various household appliances, heaters and machines. But tap water has different degrees of hardness and varying quality. In order to regulate and optimize the hardness of water, professional decalcification systems provide automatic softening – and you can find the best systems in our extensive range!

High-quality water softening equipment can provide any location with softer, healthier and tastier drinking water, for your own household, an entire apartment building, an office or business, a restaurant or hotel. These systems are also available as a mobile solution outdoors or when travelling. In our large selection of water softeners, you can find models with different equipment, suitable for any purpose.

Small and large water softener systems

Awareness of optimal water hardness is widespread nowadays. The benefits of decalcified water are appreciated not only in individual households but also in businesses and public spaces. For each field of application, there exist special versions of decalcifiers, which differ mainly in their dimensions – from small to large – as well as in their capacity. Which size is the right one for your project?

Large systems for water softening are ideal when many people live in one household or an entire building will be connected to the system. Numerous pipelines and equipment can benefit from a great descaling system. If there are only a few people and only a few water pipes or devices, a small water softener system is recommended, eg. water softener for a family of 4 – even if it is only for enjoying your own coffee and the connected hot drink dispenser .

Water softener systems for multiple dwelling buildings

Among the various designs of water softeners, there are also systems designed for special use in apartment buildings. These units enable a significantly higher water flow and have a larger filter core. This provides several rooms with lime-free tap water at the same time. Households, as well as offices and stores, can benefit from these powerful decalcifiers!

Water softeners for multi-family houses are easy to connect and virtually maintenance-free due to their automatic regeneration mode. The systems can be easily operated and configured as desired. The integrated automatic system ensures proper operation and independent regulation of the entire system. For improving not only the water in the building but also the indoor air, decalcification systems can be combined with ozone generators , which effectively remove unpleasant odours.

Portable water softener systems

Water softeners can perform numerous functions in your home. However, you don't need to install a separate system for every purpose: mobile decalcification systems offer a universal solution for your home. Pipes or heating systems be freed from calcification, and water for cleaning sensitive surfaces is also optimally prepared with a mobile system. This makes it much easier to clean windows and other glass surfaces.

'Mobile' also means that you can use the system outside your home: Whether for cleaning your car in the garage, the boat at the mooring or for the drinking water on a camping vacation. Mobile decalcification systems can be stowed away to save space, easily transported and quickly connected. Do you want to remove debris from smaller objects? Modern ultrasonic cleaners do this for you automatically!

Which level of water hardness should you consider a water softening system?

Around half of all households in Germany are supplied with hard tap water. Water hardness varies greatly from region to region, as the soil in different parts of the country has different geological characteristics. Many cities and municipalities already take care of softening the water, but the supplied water may still be too hard. At what level of hardness does it make sense to have your own decalcification system?

You can even assess whether your tap water is too hard subjectively: If limescale spots form quickly in appliances and on fittings, and if hot drinks and cooked food have a limey taste, these are clear indications that the water is too hard. In addition, there are clear measurements that determine the degree of hardness of tap water in each region. Since neither too hard nor too soft water is ideal, the optimum value is about 8.3 degrees of German hardness (°dH).

How water softening systems work

Different methods can be used in the various systems for decalcifying water. Modern plants use an innovative ion exchange process for this purpose. The hardness components contained in tap water, such as magnesium and calcium, are exchanged for sodium ions. This happens in the core of the water softening system, which is made of a certain resin and effectively binds the hardness components.

The exchanged sodium ions, unlike the ions of magnesium and calcium, are easily soluble and cannot settle as a deposit. Line pipes and equipment are thereby protected from unpleasant calcification. Likewise, the quality and aroma of your drinking water will increase. Do you want to enjoy coffee with lime-free water? Then water softener will be perfect for you!

Best water softener systems

Do you value a healthy and enjoyable diet? Then descaling systems are the ideal addition to your household, office or company, store or catering business. By softening the water, you can enjoy not only softer but also healthier drinking water. Tap water also becomes much tastier, as do all the drinks and dishes that are prepared with it. Whether tea or coffee, cooked pasta or vegetables – you will taste the difference!

But water softening systems offer even more advantages: Pipelines and household appliances that work with water have significantly lower calcification. This increases the service life of the lines and your equipment and reduces electricity and energy costs while avoiding repair costs. Bathroom faucets remain free of limescale stains, as do washed dishes. Clothes become noticeably softer after washing, as well as your hair after showering.