Cereal Dispenser

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What’s the best way to wake your guests in the morning? Certainly, with the promise of a well-stocked breakfast buffet! But in the early hours of the morning, a self-service breakfast can easily take a turn for the chaotic without the proper organisation, displays, and equipment. Clever storage and display solutions with easy access, like our cereal dispenser units from our range of catering equipment, are the perfect solution to a smooth-running buffet. Serve up to three choices of cereal, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds in one handy dispensing device!

Cater for every breakfast taste with a cereal dispenser for a smooth-running breakfast service

  • Professional equipment for your professional business
  • Serve vast amount of food
  • Large units for efficient service
  • Practical as well as essential

In hospitality, it’s important to get the balance right between self-service and hard work. This can be especially sensitive when your guests haven’t even had their first cup of coffee! With a professional cereal dispenser from the culinary experts at Royal Catering, you can take the first step in giving your guests an effortless self-service experience. Our cereal dispenser units are ideal for hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, and cafeterias. Home users will also benefit from a handy cereal dispenser, to keep even the fussiest children fed before school-time. With a clear, scratch-resistant cylindrical exterior, a cereal dispenser displays each breakfast choice with absolute clarity – handy also to let you know when it’s time for a refill. With an easy-to-use spout, spillage is kept to a minimum, and with a convenient spill tray, clean-up is made easy. The air tight lids also help to keep your cereals fresher for longer, minimising waste and maximising taste. Our largest cereal dispenser provides three choices of cereal for your guests, each at a 3l capacity. The intuitive design allows the unit to be accessed from three sides, easing the flow of guests. The convenient rotary wheel allows your guest to control their portion size, and of course, come back for seconds. Our smaller cereal dispenser is ideal, for more compact dining spaces or for keeping speciality foods, such as gluten-free cereals, away from other cereal options.

Now every guest will have an appetite for breakfast

  • Serve your guests great breakfasts
  • Easy to clean and hygienic units
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Discover great units alongside various expondo products

At Expondo, we know that in the hospitality, you have to cater for all kinds of taste, from all around the world. One thing that’s pretty universal for breakfast is a hot cup of something strong, sweet and caffeinated. With our range of coffee machines and tea dispensers, it’s never been easier to make sure that every guest gets their caffeine fix. And for those who prefer a refreshing cold beverage in the morning, our range of self-service drinks fountains helps you clearly display every flavour with ease – orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, and more! Like our cereal dispenser options, you can take the hard work out of self-service with scratch-resistant, cylindrical jugs, easy-to-operate spouts, and handy, mess-free spillage trays. What breakfast buffet would be complete without a steady production of perfectly grilled toast? With our range of catering toasters, you can serve up for 720 slices per hours, so whether you operate a small B and B business or a vast hotel buffet, your guests won’t have to wait long for their favourite breakfast side dish. You may have noticed that we often opt for high quality stainless steel when it comes to our range of kitchen equipment. Whether it’s a catering toaster, a pasta maker or a set of sturdy shelves, stainless steel will always go further in a professional kitchen. Its light-weight, hard-wearing, and hygienic qualities make it a company favourite, not only in the kitchen, but also in our wide range of craft supplies and professional industrial equipment. Whether you’re serving breakfast or repairing rooves, we want our professional equipment make your workspace work harder, for you.