Vegetable Choppers - Fruit Cutters

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Vegetable choppers and fruit cutters are perfectly suited to culinary establishments – be it your restaurant, pizzeria, canteen or hotel. Where dishes are made, there is no doubt a demand for freshly chopped and cut fruit and vegetables for tasty salads, unique toppings and delicious dressings. With many different styles and designs, treat your customers to a wide range of healthy meals with Royal Catering’s fruit and vegetable processing equipment.

Dice, chop, slice, cut and process your greens in an instant

• High-quality units to process fruit and vegetables with ease • Intuitive designs for efficient work and pleasant work • Create a variety of healthy dressing and side dishes to complement main dishes • Compact units yet large processing areas to work with more fruit and vegetables • Manual and automatic cutters to narrow down to your specific need

With high-quality vegetable choppers and fruit cutters, you do not need to worry about cutting efficiency and durability. Through the use of high-quality stainless steel and aluminium designs, work is made considerably more efficient, allowing you to work with ease - effortlessly slice through even particularly tough fruit and vegetables. A high quality standard is ensured as it is also line with expondo’s professional tools and industrial equipment. The fruit and vegetable units also come equipped with intuitive designs, which allow you effortlessly process your healthy ingredients with no strain – simply push down, turn crank handles or switch on your units to process your fruit and vegetables. With this, you can easily transform fruit and vegetables into healthy dressing, tasty salads and scrumptious side dishes to overall complement great main dishes, kept warm with bain-maries. Not only is a vegetable chopper and a fruit cutter efficient and easy to use, they also have large areas for you to work with, saving you time and effort. Focus on your specific fruit and vegetable cutting need and discover a range of cutters.

To create a simple salad or garnish your dishes – fruit cutters and vegetable choppers

• Complement your existing catering equipment with sturdy units • Treat your guests to healthy treats combined with other equipment • Essential units for any restaurant, canteen or snack bar • See a return on investment in no time

Fruit cutters and vegetable choppers from Royal Catering are not only great to conjure up tasty salads – they are also great for complementing your overall catering range. Fruit and vegetable devices can be optimally used to create finely chopped strawberries and melons to be smothered with fine chocolate from chocolate fountains. Discover expondo’s commercial kitchen equipment to complement your fruit cutter or vegetable chopper and whip up cream with blenders to create Eton mess trifles. Whether you work in a restaurant, snack bar, canteen or a catering company – meals are simply not the same without healthy fruit and vegetables. Now is your opportunity to decide how fine you want your fruit and vegetables processed as fruit cutters and vegetable choppers are precisely set to allow you to create your dream dishes in an instant. Forget about manual labour and long hours of cutting as these sturdy units do the hard work for you. Not only will you find that fruit cutters and vegetable choppers will make your work much easier – as your working efficiency increases, you have the opportunity to save effort as well as money. Save costs and spend more time on treating your customers to delicious meals, complemented with great side dishes and garnishes. High-quality and efficiency is ensured as is the case with Royal Catering’s mobile catering equipment and commercial kitchen equipment. Invest in a fruit slicer or vegetable chopper today and your customers will thank you for it. Chop, slice, process and create your dream fruit and vegetable variations and buy a vegetable chopper or fruit cutter from expondo today!