Commercial Kitchen Utensils

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Whether you’re preparing for that giant family reunion or upgrading the supplies in your restaurant’s kitchen, our line of Royal Catering kitchen utensils will have the high-quality product you’re looking for. There’s huge induction pots that can handle any size cooking job, to professional grade cast iron frying pans and handles that will last a lifetime. From our extensive line of cooking gadgets for any enthusiastic chef, to professional quality commercial cooking equipment, Expondo is your one stop shop for upgrading your kitchen utensils. Make sure to have a look around and get the quality materials and build you’ve been searching for!

Stainless-steel kitchen utensils for the restaurant or home!

- All our utensils are made from high-quality stainless-steel or cast iron. - Full range of sizes for variable cooking volumes. - Sleek and stylish modern design for every kitchen. - Great for all kinds of meat, vegetables, fish, eggs and on and on!

As is the case with our multiple offerings for contact grills, or the high-end build quality of our grill plates, you can always see the thoughtful modern design of all the kitchen utensils we offer. You will always be getting a high-quality stainless-steel product that is ideal for holding up against repeated wear and tear, and it’s also a breeze for cleaning quickly and easily. Our kitchen utensils are extremely sturdy and built to last with an anti-corrosive stainless-steel that can take a beating, and the same goes for all of professional catering equipment. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your dinner or event is going to be, there are so many options to choose from that you’re sure to find whatever it is that the job needs. But all of this starts with the pots and pans you’ll be putting all the food in! It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking meats or vegetables, a whole fish or a bunch of eggs, all of our kitchen utensils will be able to handle whatever it is you’re throwing in there!

Supplement your growing arsenal with higher quality products.

- See what a difference our products make in your kitchen. - Durable and dependable. - Safe for repeated use in commercial kitchens or at home. - Upgrade your aging equipment.

Maybe you’ve already been scouring our professional tools for that kitchen upgrade you’re finally starting to tackle, or you’re setting up your new restaurant and stumbled upon us for our industrial equipment for those serious renovations you have planned. Either way, at some point you’ll need to stock up with kitchen utensils to get the food going out the door and into all those hungry tummies you’re anticipating! Or for those of you with a bar or café, you could always please your patrons with one of our incredible snack bar equipment like a hot dog roller or kebab machine! And if you’re really serious about quantity without sacrificing quality, have a look at what you can get done with a broiler for a variety of eats. All of this starts with some quality kitchen utensils and some stainless-steel furniture to keep it all in order. Whether you need to keep your knives and forks organized, or you want a place to keep all the condiments together, we have multiple options for multiple organizational needs. All of these situations depend on having dependable kitchen utensils that can stand up to repeated use and give you something you can rely on when you need it most. So make sure you throw out those old pots and pans and think about upgrading the most basic equipment you’ve been neglecting to refresh!