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Food Smoker Set with Vacuum Packing Machine - 70 L - 200 film bags - 2 grill brushes

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Model: RCRO-870-SET-1

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Key features
  • Large—70 L capacity, four racks and ten hooks for smoking large quantities of meat, fish, sausage or vegetables
  • Adjustable—suited for cold, warm and hot smokers thanks to temperatures from 30 to 110 °C
  • Versatile—for airtight packaging of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.
  • Powerful—900 W and a vacuum output of 20 m3/h
  • Sturdy—200 tear- and heat-resistant bags (30 x 20 cm) also suited for sous-vide cooking
  • Clean—two grill brushes: One three-sided brush (16.5 cm), one with three parallel spirals (7 cm)
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Preserve delicious smoke flavours with the food smoker including vacuum packing machine

The food smoker RCRO-870 from Royal Catering, the experts for high-quality ovens, imbues meat, fish and sausage with a unique smoky flavour. Use this 1,000 W meat smoker for cold, warm or hot smoking thanks to a temperature range from 30 to 110 °C. The exterior thermometer lets you monitor the interior temperature at all times.

Professional cooking equipment from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection

The 70 L smoking oven has four racks and 10 hooks above the firebox on the floor for placing the food. You can set the smoking process from 0 to 120 minutes using the timer. For a more intense flavour, simply repeat the process or adjust the chimney flue differently. In general, the hygienic stainless steel construction is easy to operate via just two control dials and one main switch, and very easy to clean. The drip tray catches escaping fat, which drips into a bowl below.
The two included grill brushes ensure additional hygiene: The brush RCCB-3 consists of a 7 cm-long brush head with three parallel rows of bristles for large surfaces. The RCCB-4 brush, consisting of one 16.5-cm long curved elongated spiral, is ideal for narrow gaps like the wires of the grill rack. You can have the racks shining again with a little water and cleaning agent.
Preserve your homemade smoked foods for long periods of time with the compact vacuum packing machine MSW-VPM-900K. This device hermetically and safely seals food, liquids, pharmaceuticals, electronics and much more. Vacuum-packed food cannot be oxidised by air—even bacteria and germs have no chance! This not only keeps products fresh but also preserves their flavour and aroma. The powerful 900 W provide a vacuum performance of 20 m³/h. In the 44 x 44.5 x 6.5 cm vacuum chamber you can also seal several small products simultaneously in just 0 to 99 s. With the practical coding function, you can label the bags with letters and numbers so that you always know exactly what is inside later.
This set includes 200 tear-proof vacuum bags RCVB-20X30-200, size 30 x 20 cm, so you can start stockpiling right away. They can be frozen and reheated as well as used for gentle sous-vide cooking due to their heat resistance. Bon appetit!


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Frequently asked questions

Can I also use the food smoker for cold smoking?

Yes, the 70 L interior does not have to be heating, so you can also use cold smoke at temperatures of approx. 30 °C.

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