Welding Jackets

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It doesn’t matter if you’re fixing a broken pipe or creating a new art instillation with metal, you’ll need to protect yourself from the heat and potential burns while doing the job. Our welding jackets, and all of our welding products, are provided by one of the most trusted names in welding: Stamos Welding from Germany. Their professional quality welding products are ready for whatever it is you throw at them and will be there waiting for the next job. So, make sure you grab your welding jacket and other safety gear before hitting the projects you have lined up.

Professional quality welding jacket for all welding jobs.

- Made with quality KEVLAR®. - Great for professionals or DIY craftsman. - For use with a wide range of welding processes. - Durable, long-lasting - Heat protection

When you’re looking for welding clothing to make sure you’re safe from the extreme heat and sparks while welding, you’ll want a welding jacket that you won’t have to second guess. It doesn’t matter if you’re using MIG/MAG welders for serious jobs, or any other professional tools around the shop. Protecting yourself with a welding jacket made with quality KEVLAR® stitching will ensure that you’ll survive another work day and be back for more! These welding jackets are a great pickup for anyone working in manufacturing and construction, and perfect for artist workshops and the DIYers out there. They’re durable and long lasting, and also have interior pockets that are great for keeping small accessories handy, and the collars can be rolled up for extra protection. Our welding jackets are great for use with a wide range of welding processes, from plasma cutting with our basic plasma cutting torch hose package to MMA and TIG units. They’re flame-retardant as well as heat-resistant because the KEVLAR® stitching and high-quality split cowhide leather are great materials for these types of hazards. All of this adds up to a great product that will take a serious beating!

Don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to safety!

- Can also protect from some mechanical risks. - Also resistant to electric shocks. - Crucial part of every welder’s safety gear. - Quality materials and construction, so it’ll last.

Just because you’re not working with industrial grade welders doesn’t mean a high-quality welding jacket isn’t necessary when you’re about to start working with a welder. Whether you found us through our extensive catering equipment offerings, or you’ve been browsing our industrial equipment for your next job; our customers know they’ll find the best quality products at Expondo. And with a huge range of products, you’re sure to find whatever it is that you’re needing for that upcoming project. But if it’s the welding you’re after, make sure you also check out our great welding helmets to complete the package. We also offer a 10 set of protection lens for helmets so you can make sure you’ve got the right equipment for the kind of job you’re trying to complete. Welding jackets are a piece of equipment that shouldn’t be underestimated when doing those serious welding jobs. You wouldn’t pick up that torch without a welding helmet and doing it without a welding jacket should be no different. Having quality safety gear is just as important as using quality equipment. So, make sure to check out all we have to offer and pick up a product that you can feel good about, while knowing it’s been built to last job after job.