Welding Apron

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Every good business owner knows that when it comes to providing for their employees, safely comes first. From investing in safe materials, quality-tested machinery, protective equipment, and emergency training to ensuring your workspace is up to spec, there are no corners that can be cut. If welding is part of your day-to-job, you’ll know that protecting yourself from the effects of intense light and heat are absolutely paramount. With a high quality welding apron (plus our gloves and visors!) from the Stamos Welding Group range, you can keep your staff protected from head to toe. Find out more, below!

Protect yourself at work with a welding apron from Stamos

• Suitable for all welding tasks • High quality spilt cowhide • Durable, long-lasting • Heat protection • Adjustable and self-balancing straps

Whether you’re welding car parts, construction materials, or even pieces of a sculpture, you’ll want to know about our range of welding aprons from Stamos Welding Group – the makers of our full range of welding clothing. Stamos make industry-standard welding equipment and accessories, giving you professional results even for home-DIYers. Our selection of welding aprons are suitable for professional welders, car manufacturers, construction companies, repairs specialists, sculptors, and furniture designers. Stamos welding aprons are made of high quality spilt cowhide leather, and flame-retardant, heat-resistant KEVLAR® which gives the user a thorough barrier from the heat of welding. This also makes them durable and long-lasting, giving you years of use. While other welding equipment can be heavy and cumbersome, Stamos welding aprons are designed to offer comfort and mobility throughout work. The adjustable strap length means that you can fit your welding apron to a range of heights, and the self-balancing straps to evenly distribute weight of apron, again providing a comfortable wear. Use your welding apron during a wide range of welding processes including MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG welding, gas welding, gouging, and soldering. You can also use your welding apron during other mechanical tasks and when operating heavy duty professional tools.

Safety first!

• High quality welding gloves • Split cowhide and KEVLAR® • Range of sizes • Protects from heat, grazes, scratches • Lightweight and comfortable • Welding visors and screens

Of course, our welding clothing doesn’t stop there. One of the most essential accessories for any welder is, of course, a pair of high quality welding gloves. Our protective gloves come in range of colours, sizes and thicknesses, depending on the job at hand. Despite their hardwearing cowhide and KEVLAR® construction, they are surprisingly light-weight and agile to wear, giving you precise control and excellent comfort during use. Our welding gloves not only protect you from heat, but also from potential scratches and grazes that come from any tough manual task. Of course, while we’re talking about protective welding equipment, we can’t fail to mention our range of welding visors (to protect the eyes and optimise vision) and our welding screens for workshops and demonstrations. These are specially-designed protective screens made by Stamos, which protect the user from UV and infrared radiation, as well as from sparks and spatter from other heavy duty tasks. When it comes to safety, we’ve got you covered in other industries too. Working in mechanics? Why not check out our engine stands from MSW to offer you a safe, sturdy hold and ample workspace while you examine and repair engines and other car parts. Our whole range of catering supplies features a wide range of safety measures such as splash protection, overheat protection, automated temperature control, and efficient drainage and ventilation features. And in our range of industrial supplies, you’ll find equipment fit for any lab, university, pharmaceutical company, or hospital – where health and safety is paramount. Wherever you work, safety comes first.