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Chocolate Fountain Set - 4 Tiers - 6 kg plus Luminous Base

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Item: EX18000268

Price includes 20% VAT.
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Key features
  • four cascade-shaped tiers for an eye-catching chocolate flow
  • suitable even for larger groups, with a capacity of up to 6 kg
  • safe operation through the overheat protection
  • food-safe and easy to clean stainless steel
  • 16 atmospheric colours and 6 effects, easy to operate via the remote control
  • large luminous base with two levels
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Chocolate Fountain Set - 4 Tiers - 6 kg plus Luminous Base

Whether in a restaurant or a hotel, this chocolate fountain is ideal to offer your guests a delightful taste experience, making their wedding, birthday, banquet or celebration an unforgettable event. For an even more enjoyable experience, this set comes with a luminous base, guaranteed to enhance the atmosphere and make it even more memorable. The quadruple-layered chocolate fountain is used to make fondue from warm, liquid chocolate or other ingredients (such as melted cheese, caramel, sauces, syrup or ketchup). Depending on your preferences, you can dip various products such as fruit, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, donuts, ice cream or mousse into the fountain.
With its elegant design, the Royal Catering four-tier cascade system makes your party stand out. This professional device is conveniently accessible from all sides, easily passing the practicality test in any hotel, restaurant or wedding celebration. Even for more private occasions, such as birthday parties, you can rely on this chocolate fountain to be the centre of attention.
Thanks to its high capacity, Royal Catering's RCCF-65W4 chocolate fountain can handle up to 6 kg at a time. Using ingredients such as chocolate, caramel, sauce, syrup, melted cheese and so on is possible. The screw design not only ensures free product flow during preparation, but it also prevents blockages.
The integrated overheating protection ensures the necessary safety for operating the device, and switches the fountain off if the temperature is too high. In addition, cooling the motor at the base is supported by the special ventilation openings. This version has two buttons that allow you to start the motor and the heating unit separately.
The powerful 230 watt heating element ensures that the ingredients will be both quickly heated up and maintained warm for longer, in a range of 30 to 110 °C. Additionally, the thermostat automatically regulates flow maintenance.
Thanks to the use of stainless steel materials, the device is remarkably easy to clean and maintain. For even more ease, you can remove each part and clean it separately. As a result, hygiene regulations are strictly followed, and taste neutrality is guaranteed. In addition, the material is remarkably resistant and damage-proof. Allow your elegant stainless steel chocolate fountain to be embellished by the bright colours from the luminous base, now the centre of attention at your party!
This luminous base consists of two terraced levels and a recess in the middle, where you can insert the chocolate fountain. Both the 40cm high casing and the sides are made of translucent acrylic, over which the 16 available colours can be simultaneously spread in all directions. On the two levels, with a diameter of 65 and 100 cm, you have more than enough place for dishes, cutlery or even ingredients such as fruits or marshmallows.
By simply using the remote control, you can easily change the colour or select whichever effect you wish. Regardless of whether you simply influence the brightness or use flash or stroboscopic effects, with this luminous base you will always be able to create just the right atmosphere for your party or even for more formal events. Additional functions allow you to make the light slowly fade, cross-fade or even to select the frequency of the light changes.
Even more comfort with Royal Catering devices is guaranteed by the non-slip feet, which do not scratch the surface and contribute to stability maintenance. Ensure that your event will run smoothly, and complete your catering supplies with this quiet chocolate fountain. This compact device perfectly fits on the LED luminous base and its small weight makes it easy for you to transport to each new event, as well as to store it.


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3 years ago Posted on Expondo Austria


The most beautiful birthday party ever..., thank you very much

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