Commercial Food Blender

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You should never underestimate handy, compact gadgets in the kitchen, especially a versatile, multipurpose commercial food blender from the food experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher. Our range of handheld and freestanding blenders really put the power in your hands, saving you space in the kitchen and cutting down on the time and energy of manual chopping, whipping and blending. Not only this, but they are extremely versatile – suitable for a wide range of savoury and sweet dishes and drinks. For breakfast favourites such as smoothies and pancake batter, main-course sauces and gravies, and of course, delicious creams and coulis to accompany desserts, we’ve got you covered for every meal!

Discover our commercial blender range for soups, smoothies, sauces and more

• Versatile: blending, shredding and whipping • Compact and lightweight • Powerful motors – up to 12,000rpm • Hygienic and easy to clean • Safe and easy to use • Easy to store and transport

A commercial food blender from our wide range of kitchen equipment is a great multifunctional device for your kitchen, whether you’re cooking professionally or at home. Lunch and dinner is covered with a wide range of blending options for soups, sauces and gravies. For a lighter option, your commercial food blender can be used to shred cabbage, carrots or lettuce for a quick and healthy salad, a spicy stir-fry, or a side of steamed cabbage. It can even help you with sweet and savoury batters. The commercial food blenders from our full range of catering supplies will get you a smooth and airy result when prepping batters for pancakes, tempura, waffles and even fish and chips. When it comes to sweet treats and desserts, a commercial food blender is ideal for whipping up chocolate mousse, sharp berry compotes, whipped cream, cake batters, and even sweet boozey cocktails! For a healthy option, why not use your commercial blender to whizz up a smoothie or a fresh fruit juice? Some of our commercial food blenders are even strong enough to blend ice-cubes, for a perfect sorbet, frappe, or ice-cold smoothie. If you’re looking for something compact, our handheld commercial food blenders or “stick blenders”, with rotation speeds of up 4,000 - 12,000rpm, are extremely lightweight and easy to use. You can keep a close eye on your dish to achieve the texture you desire, and can even be used over a hot dish on the hob. For added versatility, each handheld commercial food blender is compatible with a number of mixing rods, also available at Expondo. Quickly switch settings from mixing, shredding, whipping and away you go! More ways to prep, cook and serve

• Hardwearing soup warmers • Chafing dishes for large batches of food • Ideal for catering events • Easy to clean stainless steel • Powerful multi – blender • Strong enough to blend ice

Once your prepping and cooking is sorted out, you need to ensure that you’re food stays fresh and delicious right up to reaching the table. In our full range of food warmers, you’ll find plenty of options for keeping hot food at its best, including our powerful chafing dishes, particularly useful for serving large batches of hot food, sauces and soups at events. Talking of soups, with our effective soup warmers from Bartscher, you can make sure your delicately blended soups and sauces remain hot and fresh throughout service. Also found in our range of commercial food blenders is the Bartscher Mixer – a powerful option for slicing, chopping and shredding. Especially safe and handy for home-users, this sturdy counter-top blender is ideal for pureeing fruit or chopping vegetables. Looking to whip up the perfect frappuccino or fruit crush? The Bartsher Multi Blender is strong enough to blend ice and is operated by pulse setting, letting you get the exact texture you desire. We’ve got plenty more versatile cooking devices to kit out your kitchen today. Discover our hardwearing tables, adjustable shelves, serving trolleys, cutlery dispensers and more in our full range of stainless steel furniture. Here, you’ll also find our most popular stainless steel cabinet with adjustable shelves to fit your storage needs. And they’re not just built for kitchens! At Expondo, we’re serving a wide range of business needs outside of the kitchen from our professional tools to our wide range of industrial equipment for factories, garages, construction sites, and more.