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Vacuum sealer - 90 W - 30 cm - 15-35 s - Royal Catering

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Model: RCVG-30A

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Key features
  • practical - removable drip tray and tight seam for hygienic and space-saving packaging without air
  • Versatile - numerous application possibilities for dry and moist foods, herbs, coffee, mushrooms, bread and fruits.
  • fast - vacuumed in only 15 - 35 s and sealed in 4 - 6 s
  • professional - prolongs shelf life and preserves flavour and aroma
  • Durable - thanks to high-quality materials and integrated cooling fan
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Airtight, quick and space-saving storage: vacuum sealer with removable drip tray

Keep your food fresh with the vacuum sealer from Royal Catering. Meat, vegetables, herbs and even sauces retain their aromas longer when sealed airtight. In addition, they are stored in the vacuum bags in a space-saving and dust- and dirt-proof way. With 6 functions, you have full control when vacuuming - ideal for restaurants, hotels or for catering businesses.

High-performance professional vacuum sealer with numerous functions

Thanks to its 90 W completely sucks the air out of the plastic bag. The closing mechanism ensures that the bag remains undamaged and the air escapes completely. Use the film sealer to seal packaging film up to a width of 30 cm. Once the vacuum is reached, the unit seals the opening of the bag securely with a 2 - 3 cm wide weld. Vacuuming prolongs the shelf life of your food because fungi and bacteria do not multiply without oxygen. Flavours, texture and colour of the food stay fresh up to 8 times longer and even last for months when frozen. The ingredients packed airtight with the shrink-wrapper are also suitable for gentle sous-vide cooking.

Special highlight: The vacuum generator comes with a suction hose. With this you can also reliably extract the air from airtight containers. With the matching vacuum seals, you can keep wine in bottles fresh for longer, for example.

Use the 6 different functions for normal vacuuming at 55 kPa or, gentle vacuuming at 25 kPa, each selectable for dry or moist food. You also use "canister" to extract air from solid containers at 40 kPa. Or you can use the "Pulse" function for manual vacuuming and then also seal manually at the touch of a button.

The housing of the film sealer is made of plastic and is therefore particularly light. It is also very easy to clean. Should liquid ever run out of the bag, it will drip into the removable collection tray on the appliance. 


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17 days ago Posted on Expondo Netherlands

Vacuuming in an instant

With this vacuum sealing machine it is easy to seal products airtight for the freezer or to package herbs, for example. Conveniently cut the rolls to size and vacuum them at the push of a button. Multiple options for liquids or a variety of dry or wet products. And even with two hands occupied, you can even press the touch buttons with your nose. Super happy with my new acquisition from expondo.

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last month Posted on Expondo Romania

Today I received the device and I did a test! It is very good, empties quickly and seals very well. Super good price quality! It has no user manual!

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