Commercial Kitchen Accessories

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Commercial Kitchen Accessories

Setup your kitchen with some serious commercial kitchen accessories today!

When the wet months roll around, you’re probably used to dealing with the flying insects trying to get inside. The last thing you want is them getting into your kitchen and messing with your food preparation! Our commercial kitchen accessories will make sure that this will be a problem you’re leaving behind!

With a variety of shapes, sizes and power, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

  • Multiple power options for a variety of pest control needs.
  • The ability to hang from the ceiling or stand on a countertop or shelf.
  • Perfectly safe for the kitchen or food prep station in your restaurant or bar.
  • Strong mosquito kills that actually attract the insects.

When you’re looking for great commercial kitchen accessories, you needn’t go further than our extensive catalogue at Expondo. There’s a lot more than just mosquito killers here! We have a huge customer base of industry professionals looking for solid catering equipment and have great reviews of our best-selling contact grill, as well as our commercial food warmers for keeping their customers happy. And our commercial kitchen accessories are sure to please, as well! These especially work well in outdoor bars and restaurants, which allows guests to stick around for another drink or extra dessert without having to worry about the mosquitos. Depending on the area you’re looking at, if it’s just around our awesome vapo grill off to the side while you relax under our spectacular commercial outdoor umbrellas, or a large yard in need of our full range of gardening tools: we have multiple models in our commercial kitchen accessories that will fit your power needs. All models are environmentally friendly, and you won’t have to worry about any negative health effects, making these commercial kitchen accessories a much better alternative to harmful chemical sprays. No one wants to have to taste the bug spray mixing with their food or drinks!

Give your guests or family friends a reason to stick around in the cool summer nights!

  • Some models come with a cleaning brush and removable tray, making cleanup easy.
  • There’s also an electric fly swatter for pesky critters in your immediate vicinity.
  • Set these up and stop worrying about having to move the party inside.
  • Safety features provide protection from worrying about sparks.

If you were looking through our hotel equipment category and were trying to find ways to create the best atmosphere for your guests in the summer months, then our commercial kitchen accessories are the place to look. And if you’re looking for other kitchen equipment, you should have a look at our refrigeration equipment to upgrade the aging appliances you currently have. There’s a lot more than just commercial kitchen equipment for the restaurants and bars here, too. Just ask our construction professionals that come here for our incredible selection of industrial equipment and our wide variety of professional tools for work or the garage tool box. Because when you’re looking for commercial kitchen equipment, you’re clearly a niche consumer who wants all the options and possibilities they can get! Whether it’s the electric fly swatter for your table or the most powerful 40W mosquito killer we’ve got, these commercial kitchen equipment options are sure to satisfy your needs. So, pick a model and get ready to start getting used to having to kick your friends out after those long summer night chats under the stars!