Rubbish Bins

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No matter where you work or serve your guests, keeping a clean and hygienic workspace is paramount. Make the job easier for you, your staff, and your customers by providing plenty of signage and easy-to-access bins. Use on the go or as a permanent fixture to keep your workspace tidy and ward off any pesky pests.

Choose a stainless steel rubbish bin from Bartscher

• Made of sturdy stainless steel • Easy to clean • Lightweight • Use indoors or out • Easy to operate for self-service • Minimise bacteria and pests

Nobody likes to dine or socialise amongst piles of litter. It’s time to keep your customers happy by making the world a tidier place and minimising the spread of pests and germs. Bartscher stainless steel rubbish bins can be installed virtually anywhere, from restaurants and cafes, to schools, offices, and outdoor areas. Bartscher are renowned catering experts, and they know the best catering equipment to help any kitchen run smoothly. Their rubbish bins are particularly useful in takeaway or self-service dining areas, where your guests are responsible for removing dishes and waste. Give them an easier task (and cut down on extra work for yourself!) by providing them with large rubbish bins that are quick and simple to operate. From playschools, colleges to office space – any shared environment – a high quality rubbish bin is a great way to encourage everyone to do their bit. And it’s not just about aesthetics. In outdoor spaces such as patios, beaches, gardens, and parks, you’re doing your bit for the environment too. Bartscher rubbish bins are large in size (up to 56 litres) accommodating both large events and small venues, and cutting down on the need to empty too often. The Barscher rubbish bins are made of sturdy stainless steel. This is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. It also means they’re easy to wipe clean, deterring bacteria and pests. The durable stainless steel also makes them resistant to damage, making each rubbish bin a long-term investment for your business. For easy transport, especially when your rubbish bin needs to be emptied, we’ve got a wheeled option in the Expondo range! This also means that your rubbish bin can be placed wherever it’s needed most.

For Every Business

• Hotel equipment • Professional tools • Suitable for DIY tasks • Industrial equipment • Wide range of scales • Catering supplies from prep to service

The Expondo range doesn’t stop at waste control. We’ve also got a huge selection of hotel equipment, including luggage racks, shoe cleaning machines, laundry baskets, and high quality cleaning trolleys. In our range of professional tools, you’ll find safe, high quality tools and machinery for professionals and home-DIYers alike! So the next time you’re upgrading your garage, take on a new construction job or even thinking of refinishing that wooden floor, take a look at our range of sanders, welding equipment, hammer drills and more! Of course, we also stick a range of industrial equipment for labs, school, factories and more. Choose from professional quality melting furnaces, ultrasonic cleaners, and a large range of scales from precision scales, right up to floor scales for factories and farms. Last but not least is our award-winning range of kitchen equipment complete with everything you need for prepping, cooking and serving. Every chef knows the feeling of multi-tasking! Ease the stress with our double electric grill from Royal Catering, that gives you a 60cm wide area of grilling space and two separate heating zones so you can control separate cooking times and temperatures. At the end of a long meal (or a busy shift), why not cool off with a delicious smooth, ice latte or cocktail using our high powered ice crushers? Whizz up to 60kg of crushed ice at once. That’s a whole load of frozen daiquiris to get through!