Onion chopper

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From haute cuisine to fast food, every chef can use onions to add flavour to their recipes. Onions are the perfect topping for hot snacks like burgers, falafel, kebabs and even some hot dogs. The most efficient and safe way to prepare onions is to use an onion chopper. They save time indeed by chopping large quantities of onions quickly, and they are safer than cutting onions by hand. Thus, busy restaurants, home kitchens, and even butchers making meat stuffing would benefit from one!

Speed and safety in one tool!

For speed and safety, there is no better way to cut onions than a high-quality onion chopper. Cutting onions by hand takes away valuable prep time and introduces unnecessary risk of injury. A quality chopper produces uniform, perfectly cut onions every time, with minimal effort. It also reduces time spent with annoying onion vapours that cause tears in the kitchen. Always having fresh onion slices is important for classy restaurants, fast food establishments, and home kitchens. For restaurants who serve food like burgers and hotdogs at a high volume, onion choppers and other snack bar equipment are ideal. In addition to saving time while cutting large or small quantities of onions, they also remove the chance of cutting mistakes which waste product and cause injuries. Using 100% stainless steel onion choppers is best, whether at home or in a restaurant kitchen because the material is sturdy and long-lasting. Stainless steel products are also easy to clean, which means more time-saving and less frustration once the cooking is done.

More surprisingly, onion choppers have a wide range of uses. They can even be used for other vegetables and fruits, like carrots or pears, and even some types of cheese. That means when money or space is tight, you can use this type of multi-use chopper for many different food items. In short, an onion chopper can save time during preparation and cleanup, in addition to preventing injuries and to producing consistent quality, freshly chopped onions (and other foods!) for any size catering or home kitchen!

The do-it-all onion chopper

Like with industrial equipment and also craft supplies, quality matters in the kitchen. The brand Royal Catering is known for its high-quality range of products. The brand offers an onion chopper with two blades, for cutting thicker and thinner slices. The two options for cutting thickness are 9mm and 4.5mm. The slicer also includes four non-slip rubber bands to help with stability, so the cutting performance is optimised and smooth every time. In a cramped kitchen, the chopper saves space with its compact design. The manual lever is easy and convenient - just pushes down once, and the work is done. But for those looking for even more convenience, an electric vegetable slicer with 5 blades might be better. The full range of vegetable choppers and fruit cutters offers a variety of options to meet every need.

All chefs want to save time and money. When choosing kitchen appliances, for the savvy chef, investing in an onion chopper is an obvious choice, given all of the advantages of its features. Fresh onion slices are necessary for a variety of dishes, and there is no more efficient or safe way to have them always at the ready. Running a kitchen is a busy and hectic affair, but a chopper slices fast, with minimal mess and effort. They cut with consistent quality, and lessen the chance of injuries in the kitchen due to knife slips. Plus, with 100% stainless steel, they are easy to clean. In short, there is no reason not to have a high-quality onion chopper in your kitchen, whether in a home or professional kitchen.