Gastronorm Lids

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Whether you’re serving up freshly filled sandwiches at a busy lunch stall or catering for the masses at a hot buffet service, high quality storage, display and heating solutions will help you keep both your kitchen and service areas organised, as well as keeping every dish at the desired temperature. Our gastronorm lids from the kitchen experts at Royal Catering, are custom fit for use with our gastronorm containers, and designed to lock in temperature, taste, and freshness.

It’s time to put a lid on temperature control

• For both private and professional kitchens • Locks in temperature, taste, and freshness • Particularly useful for hot food displays • Sturdy, easy to clean material • Custom fit

Our range of gastronorm lids are custom designed to fit our range of gastronorm containers, a staple storage solution in professional event-catering, restaurants, cafeterias, and hotel buffets. They are also ideal for street food stalls and snack bars, where you may be battling against cold temperatures. In any kitchen where you’re serving customers face to face, it’s important to keep ingredients organised and at hand, without compromising on freshness. But these insulating gastronorm lids are not just for serving time. They can also help you prolong the shelf life of fresh and cooked food during storage on shelves or in cooling units. Every combination of containers and lids in our range is suitable for use with many of our food warmers, shelving solutions, hot food displays, and refrigerator units. So, if you’re looking to completely upgrade your storage and display equipment, the Expondo range has you covered. Our durable gastronorm lids are designed with lightweight, hard-wearing materials such as chrome-plated steel and stainless steel. These smooth-surfaced stainless steel gastromorn lids are not only wipe-cleanable, but they are also dishwasher safe. For more examples of why stainless steel is our top choice when it comes to kitting out your kitchen, check out our full range of stainless steel furniture. And it doesn’t stop there. Stainless steel is also an Expondo favourite in our range of industrial supplies (see our stainless steel ultrasonic cleaners and digital scales), as well as our vast selection of professional tools (see our vacuum packing machines and cosmetic furniture).

Great storage, hot or cold!

• Temperature control: Choice of refrigerating units and heating equipment • Lightweight and durable, for easy transport • Efficiently powered • Suits a wide range of kitchens, large and small • Fight temperature loss with our cup and plate warmers

As well as our stainless steel gastronorm lids and containers, our full range of catering equipment features plenty more stylish storage solutions to maintain temperature, prolong shelf-life, and display your dishes in the most delectable way. For displaying fresh foods such as salads, fruit, veg, sandwich fillings, and pizza toppings, our cooling display cabinets, pizza cooling tables, and cold drinks cabinets are ideal for cafes, delis, pizzerias, and bars. You can even use your gastonorm lids and containers with many of our refrigerator and freezing units. When it comes to hot food, we’ve got plenty more ingenious serving and display solutions in our full range of heating equipment. For displaying large batches of finger food and hot dishes, caterers will love our chafing dishes for events and buffets. And for chefs battling the elements at winter markets and street-food stalls, our stainless-steel soup warmers are perfect for soups, stocks, and even hot drinks. Speaking of warming drinks, with our stainless-steel cup warmers, you can make sure that every cup of coffee, tea or mulled wine is served up hot and steaming, even at long events and conferences. And for restaurants, caterers, and gastropubs, our range of plate warmers helps every dish to reach their full potential. From storage, to display, to service, we’re here to make sure there are no complaints about sub-temperature food and drinks from your kitchen!